Free Patterns – Sometimes You Get What you Pay For!

At the Maine Fiber Frolic this summer, I bought this wonderful yarn from one of the booths.

Seacolors Yarn

The yarn came with a free pattern for a Boxy Cardigan sweater with color blocking that I loved so much that it took me an hour to pick out the yarn. That being said, now that I am on the downside of the project (or thought I was), I am finding that the free pattern isn’t really a great pattern … seems that the sleeves are nearly four inches too narrow for the arm/shoulder inset space. Ugh!

I even re-knitted the bind-off on the sleeve to make it stretch a bit more but the one sleeve that I seamed really looks awful. And for the price paid for the yarn, I would prefer that I be able to wear the sweater at the end.

See? …

Shoulder seam and puckery sleeve seam – looks yucky!

And this would be the reason why! The sleeve is four inches too narrow for the opening!

So, what’s a Queen Bee to do? The only idea that I can come up with is to “frog” the sleeve down to where the increases stopped and increase more … and the sleeves will be almost like dolman sleeves! Or, the other option is to “frog” the top of the sweater and take out some of the body length where the sleeve will fit.

I am going to take the project to a few of my knitting friends and see which choice they would choose … or if they have another idea that may be even better than my two options!

Have you got any ideas, dear readers?!

Gone knitting!

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