Back in the Saddle (again!)

Image (2) Tell-Yourself-253x300.jpg for post 1369Well, I’ve managed, with a lot of help from others, to get my blog back up and running. A HUGE thank you to Maureen C., my happiness engineer at, who was amazing! It’s really all to her credit that my blog is working again. Thanks, Maureen!

This has been a long and sometimes frustrating experience but it feels great to know that going back and forth between provider’s websites is now much more familiar to me.

Once again, in attempting to do something new, I have learned something valuable – stick with it. I can do it. I’m a “smart girl”. Too often I tend to talk to myself in a not-s0-positive way. If I can continue to remember that I wouldn’t say these things to my children and I won’t say them to myself, I’ll be happier and healthier!

Gone knitting.

I’m One Egg Short – About Baking Substitutions

Who knew, when I went to the computer to find out what would be an appropriate substitute for an egg in my banana bread recipe, that there were so many choices? I’m actually glad that I only have one egg left in the house because I learned a lot!

I found the most comprehensive list at Eggless Cooking dot com where, not only are the different ideas for substitution listed in detail but also where you’re likely to find the best results with that substitution. So, since I’m baking banana bread (in the form of muffins) I am going to substitute apple sauce … which I happen to have in my refrigerator. And I’m going to dump in some blueberries and some chopped pecans. All in an effort to empty the ‘fridge before we head to our Maine house for a bit.

I know I could also have found this information in one of my “old fashioned” cookbooks, but the Internet provides such quick and thorough information!

Banana bread with one egg … coming up!

Gone baking!