I’ve lost it!

I went looking for my 40″ circular needle “wire” yesterday. I need it so knit up a quick pair or two of baby booties with the magic loop method. I love that with the magic loop I don’t have oodles of pokey needles aimed at all times at my wrists!

Anyway, I can’t find it at all. I’ve searched my needle “organizers” (and they certainly must not work if one is lost!) and one of my two knitting bags. I know I had it when I was knitting all those bazillions of fingerless mitts around Christmas time … where it’s gone?

Gone … knitting when I find my needle! 🙂

Fun and Games – Random Stripe Generator

I found this wonderful knitting tool on a blog. (Does anyone else get lost following from one blog to another around the Internet?) Anyway, I digress …

I found this wonderful knitting tool on Caitlin’s blog (biscuitsandjam dot com) and it helps you create a random stripe pattern for your knits. If, for example you’re knitting a striped scarf, you can click on the colors of yarn you want to use and the number/numbers of rows in each stripe that you want to have in your scarf and the random generator shows you what your scarf will look like.

Better yet, if you don’t like the first pattern, refresh your screen and it will show you another and another and another until you love one. Scroll down and there’s your pattern! Marvelous!

Here’s the link to take you (magically) to biscuitsandjam dot com’s random stripe generator … have fun playing with stripes! And a big thank you to Caitlin (in Portland, OR) for the tool. And the fun blog!