Note to Self …

note-to-selfMy sister-in-law is awesome. She helped take care of my mother when she had alzheimer’s disease and wasn’t very nice to her. (My mother wasn’t nice. My sister-in-law was a saint!) She is raising three great boys. She’s supported my brother and his business and has even gone back to work there now that the kids are bigger (not that they are independent, just bigger). She’s always happy to welcome us into her home, three dogs and all, with or without any of our children, planned visit or last minute … she’s really a great lady.

Anyway, I digress. She happened to mention that she wanted a beige wrap to match a pair of shoes she just bought and to wear on those nights when you just need a little something more to be comfortable. I offered, because I love the idea of doing something for her, to knit her something. I found a great beige yarn and a pattern. Good, right? Then I went off on a road trip and found another pattern that would be great for her shawl but the yarn is too heavy-weight. So, let’s be flexible and adapt the pattern, right? Easy peasy lemon squeezey. I bought two skeins of yarn and off I went.

I’ve been knitting away for a few days … and for the last couple not paying a whole lot of attention. And today I ran out of yarn. Oops! Twelve rows to go and I’m out of yarn. Good grief!

Note to self: buy more than you need. (I hope they have more in the same dye lot at the yarn shop tonight.)

Gone knitting.

P.S. We should remind ourselves and others how awesome we are more often. Life goes by so quickly and we just don’t “take the time” … but I am awesome, and my life is, too. And my friends and family are, too. I’m one lucky gal!

You better Swatch out … or you’ll be crying


Here's the side view ... can you see the pretty buttons that I worried over? No?

Well, in all the years I’ve been knitting, I think I’ve knitted about two … maybe three … swatches. Yes, I know. Everybody tells you to knit a swatch to determine your gauge PRIOR to starting your garment (whatever it may be!)

I now have a better, first-hand understanding of WHY you should knit a swatch … even if it’s “just a cowl”!

from the back

Not exactly upstanding, is it!

front view

And from the front ... the leaning tower of cowl.







I’ve taken three photos … well, I didn’t but my sweet love took time away from polishing his boots in the garage to take it for me.

Photo one above shows a side view. There are two lovely buttons that you can’t see because this cowl is so darned big. Nothing like the sample photo on the pattern. Why, you ask? Because the Queen Bee is a non-swatcher. (I’m almost ashamed to claim the title.) But it’s the truth and I always tell the truth.

It’s rather funny, actually. In my day-to-day life, I am such a rule follower. I don’t cross the street when it says “don’t walk” and I make a full stop (counting to three) at stop signs. I don’t litter. BUT … I don’t swatch!

And now, I will have the pleasure of frogging my lovely Thermis cowl and then making a swatch so that it turns out the right size. I’ll blog about it again, dear reader, when it’s knitted properly!

While I may have hit a creative block, I’m thinking about knitting … and am off to the library to find some books to peruse while my creative block is still in the building. 🙂