I like that number … 321 … so when we get to “like” #321 on Facebook, there will be another wonderful gift given to a random person … you can be someone who’s been following me for years or someone who just “liked” my Facebook page. All’s fair in my knitting world!

So, the promise made was that I would post the pictures that I took yesterday at the University of Maine Museum of Art in Bangor. We meandered our way through several different Maine towns and saw some fun art. For me, however, the knitted life-sized animal pelts was the best – inspiring as someone who has designed a pair of mittens and a couple of garments for ten-pound dogs!

“Vanished into Stitches” by Ruth Marshall. She knit these life-size, anatomically correct pelts with wool. By hand. After making a full-size chart of the pelt with an accurate replication of the coloring … the artist studied real pelts and animals to make sure that her knitted ones were spot-on (no pun intended.) Many of them are more than six feet tall and when suspended from their bamboo “frames” …

The are awesome!

The artist wants you to know that only 3,200 tigers live in the wild today. Maybe we knitters can make a difference by refusing to buy their pelts in any form … unless they’re knitted, of course!

so you can see the stitches ... just in case you had any doubt

Remember the number 321. Have all your friends and family “like” Queen Bee Knits. So far, I’ve given away a pair of wonderful green fingerless gloves and a pair of “Circle of Life” socks (designed cleverly to stay on a baby’s feet by Cat Bordhi). You’ll never know what I’ll come up with next!

And for now, I’ve gone knitting … not animal pelts, though!

New on the Needles

I bought some yummy cotton yarn to make myself a Drops knitted tunic that I saw somewhere online when I was wandering. The pattern is a free Ravelry download. The yarn was on sale (serious sale! I think it was $3.99 a skein!) at WEBS. It’s Berroco’s Pure Pima (color #2243 “Barely Blue”). I love that Jimmy Bean’s sent me a bag and matched the dye lots of the extra few skeins. It’s a pretty sky blue color with a bit of a gray undertone and I really like it. The pattern is found here!

Classic and simple patterning … I loved the yellow but my mother always said that when I wore yellow I looked green. I don’t want to look green!

Will be winding a skein and doing a swatch … because I know that if I don’t swatch, I will make the sweater in the wrong size! I guess I had best measure my chest, too … just in case! (Note to self – gauge is not for wussies!)

Also trying a pair of baby socks by Cat Bordhi – you can find out all about Cat at her website CatBordhi dot com. All of a sudden, I have an interest in knitting baby things … could be that there’s a new little niece or nephew in the oven!? Anyway, it’s the Baby Life Rings socks and they’re cuter than cute. Found some Cascade Yarns Fixation (also at WEBS) in a couple of colors … color #9030 (“denim”, if my memory serves) and color #9936 (“pacific”in really great ocean colors.) It looks like they’ll stay on the baby feet with three rings around the ankles. Always an issue for new parents, keeping feet on those wiggle pigs … I aim to please!

Already on the needles, my son’s socks. I’ll report on the yarn … because it’s not making this knitter happy. I’ve never had a ball of sock yarn “fight” with me quite so much! Promised by his graduation in June … who can believe that my baby will be graduating from college? And the baby blanket – reversible cables in a white acrylic yarn (to make it easier to wash over and over!)

Finished – a pair of lobster mittens (cooked, of course!) and two pairs of slipper socks. Also finished is a dishcloth … ours are getting pretty yucky! Photos will come soon … maybe tomorrow!

Grateful for fingers that work.

Gone knitting!