Design Can Be Frustrating

I am in the process of designing a little hat that looks porcine for a customer of mine. She had seen a crocheted hat that she loved and I, not being a crocheter, wanted to make her a hat that was comparable … or better.

Designing, for a perfectionist such as myself, can be thrilling. Or frustrating. Or downright annoying. I got the hat all knitted up in no time and love the little tail that is a four-stitch i-cord at the top of the hat. Twisted around itself a couple of times and pulled through, it’s a really cute little twisty piggy tail.

Ears, however, are not that easy. I have, twice, knitted two ears that looked too small. Once I even (being hopeful, I guess) wove in the ends. Had to cut the ears off that time. I’m going for the look of a piglet and in many of the photographs that I’ve seen while researching pig ears (who knew!?) the ears look too big for the little pig. They also seem to have “lobes” on the outside side of their ears. Here are a couple of examples …







See what I mean?

The last attempt that I was making when I was called to get ready to go see the new Woody Allen movie, To Rome With Love (If I hadn’t already seen it, I wouldn’t rush out to see it), was going really well and I hope that I can pick it up tomorrow and finish the first ear to my own satisfaction and then knit up a mirror-ear on the other side of the little hat.

Must run out and get a bit of black yarn for nostrils and eyes and then stitch them on.

Next on the needles are little pink mittens to match … perhaps with a bit of embroidery to make them look like little cloven hooves? And an i-cord string between them because we know all little children lose one mitten! Right?

Gone knitting!

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